Trump pressures Pence to interfere with tomorrow’s counting of the electoral college votes

This is my first story on medium. It will be a short one. And as english is not my mother tongue please be nice.

Furthermore this is not an article that tries to teach you something but an article that posts a question I have no answer for.

A few hours ago Trump tweeted:

The Vice President has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors.

And followers added a legal theory to it:

“He simply can choose not to unseal the electors votes from contested states as they absolutely violated the election laws.”

From my understanding of the relevant law, which is the Electoral Count Act (with 3 U.S. Code § 15 in particular) the VP has an obligation to open and hand over to Congress every vote from every state.

So why is Trump posting this bullshit? Why does he pressure Pence who will have to decide to publically object or just silently go on and preside the Congress meeting tomorrow, facing a shitstorm after it if he sticks to the law during the process? Or, and that is worrying me, will we see that Pence will do Trumps bidding, breaking the law in the process which probably will get SCOTUS involved again, this time the plaintiffs will be Biden or other democrats having a seat in Congress. Is that the plan? Is this the final coup attempt using something else than military power? As military power would be all remaining after the Congress session. I read a comment here on medium where someone states that his life experience teached him to expect “Republicans will cross every line to get what they want to.”

I am posting this for answers. Thank all of you who may reply.



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Olaf Schlüter

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